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Quotes from Nick

“I’m constantly trying to teach them to do more and me to do less.”

— Nick Dowers, 2X Road to the Horse Champion


“There’ve been a few people in my life that have not only passed me up as a horseman, but left me in the dust. I look forward to working with him and him helping me. I’m happy for him, but if he hadn’t won the Futurity, he’s a darn good hand anyway.”

— Bryan Neubert

“Nick Represents all the original values of the NRCHA.”

— Russell Reid, instructor Feather River College

“He has a tremendous amount of feel. He’s got a lot of patience, and obviously he’s a great athlete and an excellent rider. He has a different background than most trainers. I think that he’s driven to do the best he can with what he’s got.”

— Annie Reynolds

“I learned quite a bit from him, and things I’m still teaching my guys now. The reining, for him, was a piece of cake. I think that kid could have gone any direction he wanted with horses and he’d be successful.”

— Andrea Fappani

Nick had tons of talent; I had nothing to do with it. He had a lot of practical experience – he could ride any kind of horse and get the job done too. He had a confidence about him and he believed in himself, but he was humble. He didn’t lose himself doing it – its still Nick. I’m just pleased to know him.”

— Joe Wolter