The 3 Principles of Nick’s training

1.) Find the try
2.) Direct the effort
3.) Reward and let it soak


Quotes from Nick

”As a cowboy, you have to get by with what you’re riding that day. Every horse has to cut a cow and every horse has to be roped off of. You learn to get by with what you’ve got. I’m always in for the challenge.”

"A learning frame of mind...being mentally flexible."

"It doesn't matter what you do, it's getting them in the right frame of mind."

"It's all about getting his thought to become my thought."

"Aligning...Today it's a bridge next week it will be a cow."

"My goal is to create a Partnership were we can work together."

"Teaching them to want to be there... Whether it's in front of a cow or on a trail."

"I'm constantly trying to teach them to do more and me to do less."

"Teaching confidence one day at a time."

"I try really hard to never put resistance in my horses. I don't want to take it out."

"I'm always challenging the horses but I want to keep them as relaxed as possible."



“There’ve been a few people in my life that have not only passed me up as a horseman, but left me in the dust. I look forward to working with him and him helping me. I’m happy for him, but if he hadn’t won the Futurity, he’s a darn good hand anyway.”

- Bryan Neubert

“Nick had tons of talent; I had nothing to do with it. He had a lot of practical experience - he could ride any kind of horse and get the job done too. He had a confidence about him and he believed in himself, but he was humble. He didn’t lose himself doing it - its still Nick. I’m just pleased to know him.”

- Joe Wolter

“I learned quite a bit from him, and things I’m still teaching my guys now. The reining, for him, was a piece of cake. I think that kid could have gone any direction he wanted with horses and he’d be successful.”

- Andrea Fappani

“He has a tremendous amount of feel. He’s got a lot of patience, and obviously he’s a great athlete and an excellent rider. He has a different background than most trainers. I think that he’s driven to do the best he can with what he’s got."

- Annie Reynolds

“Nick Represents all the original values of the NRCHA.”

- Russell Reid, instructor Feather River College